TV and conditioning (Jana)

Television is a way of conditioning

In the Brave new world conditioning is one of the important things. The people are conditioned since their birth to accept their status in the community which is defined from the beginning. Everyone belongs to a different caste because of his/her genetic engineering. Without conditioning the people maybe would not accept belonging to any caste and the stability of the whole system could not be guaranteed.

Luckily conditioning in our world is not the normal way to educate the children. We have a different concept, education. Our children are educated to build up their own individual and take their own decisions. We have the great possibility to spend our time in the way we like it and everyone has the right to get accumulation. But we are also conditioned. A very significant invention which influenced our mode of life in a very lasting way is the television. It becomes more and more important. At the beginning television was something luxury. Only rich people had a televisor or keeper of bars for example where the people met to sit together and watch. Only state-aided channels existed. Today there are a lot of channels and most of them are private or Pay-TV. With the adoption of these channels the commercial was published. We have channels only full of commercial and we have some which only broadcast sport-TV, news or documentations. So you get a lot of information and impressions from the television and you can also learn from it.

But there is also a danger. People watch more and more and never come to an end. Especially children watch TV sometimes for a few hours a day and they also watch programs and movies that are not assigned for them like Horror-films and broadcats which influence them in a bad way. Also people who watch TV the whole day sometimes live in a parallel world. They have their TV and that is everything to them and they become fatter because of the absence of movement. These people loose their social contacts and children get linguistic and physical damages. To come back to the topic of conditioning, the television conditions us in a way and mostly we do not recognize it. Mainly the commercial is a factor. Commercial tells us to buy special products and we do it. Children are mobbed only because they wear no name trousers and have not the same expensive clothes like the other children. Another big problem is the increasing importance of physical appearance which is also deployed of conditioning in the television. There are often very beautiful people in films and commercial who seem to be perfect. So many people get frustrations and want to be perfect as well. Our society is marked of a boom of plastic surgerys.

It could be that we will live in a future world where people are more and more conditioned by television and plastic surgeries are “normal” and trivial operations, so we have a world full of people who seem to be perfect, but without self-confidence and an own life. Maybe we will live in a world one day where the physical appearance is more important than the individual character of a person. The people will buy their products only from a TV-shop and never go out. They miss their life only because of watching television the whole time and the big concerns tell them what they have to like and should be interested in.


Dear Jana, I really like your text. You have a very detailed introduction and you did a very good job in explaining how TV already influences us today. But in my opinion, the exeggeration (which was the main task, to write an exeggeration of one of the topics) is a little bit short because only in your last paragraph you mention what could happen if TV gets more and more important for our everyday life and your ideas are not that detailed. Maybe one could write a little bit more about that, I'm sure you that you have some crazy ideas (; I tried to correct a few "peanuts" but in summary it's a nice text! Well-done (; (Noreen)

hey jana, what impresses me the most in your text is the detailed way in which you explained the present time. I really like the way you have structured the text, especially the fact that you pointed out, how the circumstances in case of the TV were in past times. Beside, your text gives not only a negative but also a positive side of the medium TV. Because of this one, can understand this term in present a little bit better. But in case of your last paragraph ( future) I have the same opinion as Noreen. On the one hand you begin your text with very good ideas but on the other hand you could enlarge this part a little bit more detailed. :) ( alena)

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