To Be Excluded From The World State

To be excluded from the World State

- first thought while reading: Why is this a punishment?
—> people are free there
—> no ranking of alphas, betas etc.
—> new chance (example: Helmholtz - wants to use his new freedom on the Falkland Islands for writing)

- but:
—> no life that is completely structured by the state
—> no soma (example: Linda - takes alcohol as a substitute, can not handle the situation without it)
—> no knowledge about mending clothes, cooking, cleaning, taking care of a child etc. (example: Linda)
—> monogamy (example: Linda - women turn against her, because she sleeps with a lot of men, she thinks everybody belongs to

- Helmholtz: exception, Linda: normal case —> the others do not accept people of the World State


(by Marie)

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