The three worlds of the reader of 'Brave New World'

Under this post you all can find a rough comparison between 'the reservation' and 'the World State' as described in "Brave New World". Also the reference to 'our World' today is featured. Considered is the list of the following aspects: political system, institutions, philosophy, moral values, sexuality, family relationships, social class, technology, wealth and leasure activities.

the reservation

  • no political system
  • tribal knowledge
  • no institutions
    • younger people learn life-essential things from older people
  • belief in supernatural powers (p.118, ll.7-10)
  • one person belongs to italic textonly one partner (p.104, ll. 13-14)
    • traditional
  • only one partner
    • monogamy (p.104, ll.13-14)
  • “conventional” family system with parents that have (many) children (p.104, ll.22-23)
  • traditional hierarchy
  • learning from the wise people
    • give-over of traditions
  • non-existence of technology
  • simple life
  • people live close to nature
  • bad circumstances
    • dirty, no health care
  • they do things for a living
  • lifestyle is close to nature
    • make clay pots
  • they celebrate ceremonies in context of their religion

the World State

  • 10 World controllers
    • dictatorship
  • there are facilities like the “Hatchery and Conditioning Centre”
  • the World State's motto:
    • STABILITY (p.1, l.3-4)
  • overall happiness (p.78, ll.24-25)

“Everybody is happy nowadays”

  • satisfaction of physical desires (p.40. ll.2-3)
  • taking of soma to get distracted (p.52, l.31)
  • identification with the system (p.63, l.32 – p.64, ll.1-39)
  • you can have everyone you want to in the Brave New World
    • "everyone belongs to everyone else” (p.40, l.3)
  • caste system
    • everyone belongs to a certain caste
  • the World State is a “technotopia”, all is full of technology in the Brave New World
  • all is full of technology and all this stuff
    • important feature of the World State

leisure activities are:

  • Obstacle Golf
  • go dancing in clubs
  • "sexual stuff"

our World

  • we have systems like democracies in most of the states of our world
  • all of our institutions could go under the “social state” term
  • philosophy:
    • independence/ personal freedom
    • happiness
    • success
    • responsibility
  • numerous changing of partners nowadays
  • first aspects of the novel already exist in our world (swinger clubs)
  • families exist
    • parents who have children
  • we have a government
  • but also various rights to call upon
    • voting right (a possibility to influence the government)
  • an expanding gap between developed states and developing countries
  • an expanding gap between very wealthy people/ states and very poor people/ countries

(Alena, Jonas, Andreas P.)

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