Texts worth reading

Here you can find all the texts or homeworks that others think are good to read, or should be presented. Please make sure that you add the link of your text to this site and remember to write the topic of your post (what are you writing about/what is the text about) and the date into it, as well as your name. Feel free to copy and paste texts, but do not forget to add the source (not in the link, but in the text).

Put your homework into the "Your Homework"-folder, please. You can put the texts concerning the content around the novel into the "Texts worth reading"-folder, exactly as Jana's text already is.

Your Homework (It has to look like this, otherwise we'd have problems with the other "homework"-folder that Mrs. Rey is using.)

A Fantasy Rediscovered (Jana Jerusalem, Text about a filming of "Brave New World")

Blood Cells turn Cancer Killers (Fabian Jacob, essay)

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