Chapter 3 / Task 3: History is bunk. Meaning + personal opinion

3) Explain what Henry Ford meant when he said, "History is bunk" (p.32, l.3).
To what extent would you say that history is indeed bunk in your own life?

I think Henry Ford wanted to say that thinking about history too much is nonsense.
LIVE IN THE PRESENT, NOT IN THE PAST, this is the conclusion of this statement.
It is about not to concentrate on tradition, it is about to leave the past behind, it is about living for the present day.
It also contents the challenge to leave all the bad stuff of one's life behind and to dare starting something new.

In my opinion, history is bunk when it comes to make an important decision concerning my own life.
When i am about to make a big decision, like a little man right before a giant wall of a question, nothing else matters,
neither does history. Only a decision could throw a ladder upon this wall. After this experience, history may become interesting again,
because then you begin to look back of how the things have developed in your life.

(Andreas Peters)

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