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Book Review

Brave new world, written by Aldous Huxley in 1932, is a dystopian novel in which Huxley describes a new world, some hundreds of years after our time in which ten world controllers rule a world, based on Community, Identity and Stability.
Every member of the world state is conditioned and genetically modified to like or dislike certain things. Five castes guarantee that every kind of work is done by an according human being. Through hypnopaedia every member gets told that he loves his or her position in society, and that he does not want to achieve any improvements in his or her career. Sexuality is just a minor matter, so that everybody belongs to everybody. Only viviparous birth and family are swear words and are nearly equal to illness or a bad hygiene. One is now already be to guess, that aging and a bad body shape are unethical aswell!
The whole system works because people get conditioned to be happy and to not ask stupid questions about the sense of life or stuff like that. And if you ever get exhausted or feel bad, no problem, just take a pill of soma that gets you on an instant holiday without any side effects.
Did I mention that culture, history, arts, and any kind of intellect had to be scarified for the sake of Community, Identity and Stability? Oh but that is of course not a big deal, since everyone is just happy!
Sounds totalitarian to you? Oh yes it is definitely!

You may now ask, what is so striking about this book?

That is an easy question! Just think about it! Do we not know some of those phenomena? Of course we do! Drug abuse, whenever people do not get along with their life. Yearning for beauty and the perfect body. People not knowing anything about history anymore. Media controlling us and showing us our needs! So are we free anyways?

To conclude my review, I think Brave new world is a great book and should definitely be a standard for students! It animates people to think about the future what is really necessary, since we all have to work against the upcoming tendencies, that bring our world closer to Huxleys Brave new World.

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