Review Marie

In his novel „Brave New World“, Aldous Huxley writes about a perfect organized World State. People are cloned and conditioned, so that their “career” is determined. Everyone lives wealthy, healthy and happy because of the drug soma, but there is a price for this life: no individuality, no religion, no history.
First, the novel was a bit difficult for me and I had to get used to the language, because there were a lot of technical terms. When I read on, I started to like the book and it offered food for thought. Is the novel realistic? Is it an utopian or a dystopian novel? Which effects do scientifical improvements have on the world?
Huxley tries to expose that this seeming perfect world is not the ideal one, because everyone is custom-made. No one can influence and advance one’s own life. Swimming against the stream is not possible. This novel has, even if it is 78 years old, a close reference to the presence in that, thanks to genetic engineering, some of the described phenomena are already in accretion possible.
“Brave New World” is a great novel for students that practise English for a longer time, because of the sometimes difficult language and technical terms. It contains a lot of topics to deal with in class, like Ford, Freud, wolfchildren etc. and is an elaborate book of a satiric utopia that I really can advise to students!

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