Review Jonas

Comunity, Identity, Stability
These are the catchwords on which Aldous Huxley´s dystopian novel "Brave New World" is based on. The world he describes is on the face of it unimaginable. People are made and cloned in a process that is called "Bokanovsky-process". That means that babys are not normally born like they use to be today but produced in hatcheries and grown up without parents. Instead they get conditioned by constructed employees. So after the process of coditioning is completed they are grown up humans and seem to be free. They really think they are. But are they really?

The World leaders
"Brave New World" is supervised by ten world leaders. These are not condotioned and keep the sysem stable by using a drug called soma which puts their people in trance. So when people in the "New World" feel uncomfortable, have sorrows or have doubts about the system they are kept calm by soma. Through conditioning and soma the world leaders are the once that have the power to keep the nation "birdbrained".

But what happens if people do not fit in the system? Is there any chance to be happy or just live in a system like this?
You will find the answer in the novel. My personal experience with the book was new for me. It is not a book that one can read and after it is finished put away. It is a book that gets really close to ones feelings and lets one think about it. What if world will rally turn into something like the "Brave New World" and how would one personally feel about it? I was sometimes really wondering if I would like to have the World like that.
In my opinion this book is a must do for everyone. It encourages people to think about the future and who knows, maybe leads to a better world.

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