Review Andi K

Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World” is against every expectation a real interesting and timeless novel. I’m glad that I got to know about that utopian imagination, because it is even 60 years later able to deal seriously with that topic and even me spent much time thinking about that detailed example of our future. The novel is must-read for every English-student, maybe the vocabulary is not that easy, but not a problem for someone who really cares about how our future could look like in some hundred years. For sure Brave New World is not that much a novel for entertainment, but a novel to think about our society today and to decide for yourself if our world changes in the right way and if the Brave New World is really an Utopia. It is indeed a masterpiece of world-literature in which you get your money worth. (In conflict with other school-novels which are just dealing with German history.)

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