Review Alena

This is the world state's motto in Aldous Huxleys „Brave New World“ (1932) which deals with a form of totalitarianism. One can say welcome to a state where people are genetically modified and where stable condition of happiness exists all the time.
Independent thoughts and feelings are banished, conditioning that is comparable with the experiment of Pavlov, and a drug called SOMA keeps the population docile and comfortable. Since one motto of the World State says: „Everyone belongs to everyone else!“ there exists no individualism and no feelings like love. Without love the people can have their satisfaction with sex whenever and with whom they want to have it.
This „orgy- porgy“ thing is comparable with today's swinger clubs. NO love, NO pain, NO bad circumstances everything is controlled and arranged by the ten world leaders.

But what will happen if this hypnopaedia does not work on some citizens?
If there are some people who feel in an other way and begin to doubt and criticize the whole system they are living in…
Besides which aftermath will arise, if one person of an other island „reservation“ joins this community?!

All in all under my impression the novel " Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley is a piece of literature one student really has to read. I do not only say so because of its importance for your general knowledge, by getting to know about this special utopian world, one gets really surprised by the fact that the objects in this ficticious world are not obsolete at all when it comes to our present. For example the addiction of SOMA that the people take in the world state to get their satisfaction of happiness. This sounds really comparable to our present, doesn't it? Moreover the part of conditioning can be recovered in our world as well.
We already have an conditioning empire of MEDIA.
So if you are interested in how our future will look like in some years, you absolutely have to read Huxley's great imaginations.
At the end here one small tip for reading the first three chapters. Do not throw immediately the book away when you begin to read this first chapters. Yes at first sight they are not very coherent, everything looks more like an entry of an biology book, but with every next chapter you read it gets clearer. It will be helpful to take notes of catchwords like ( pavlow, conditioning and bokanovski process) to research their meanings in the internet ;).

Have fun with reading the novel!

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