Hitler 3020

In our nowadays society there is a tendency towards giving all responsibility, the individual person has, away. We just do not want to be confronted with ethical or moral problems that arrogate a proper facing with the topic. Instead of confronting ourselves with those issues, we prefer to give the authority of a decision to someone else. We like to call that person a delegate.

But the current bad thing about this is, that we feel good by giving our responsibility away, because when it goes wrong, we can not be blamed and instead we can join the crowd of "blamers".
The second bad issue is, that we do not have the knowledge, which we get from facing conflicts, like having an own opinion, we just do not face the issues anymore and so we stop caring. Slowly the community starts just adopting positions that are brought to us by others without thinking!

We can just imagine now, living in the year 3020 and my name is A23X4 like the number of my delegate in the parliament, who is specially educated and used to visit an opinion decanting course, given by the world controller Adolf Hitler VI. My delegate represents 2.000.000 people in Germany that all share the same name, to be easily identified. I just read today’s “Bildzeitung”, but the title story is boring and I do not get it. It says something about the World controller Adolf Hitler VI planning something about a genocide and some euphemism camps. Whatever, I prefer the Sports part!

Isn´t this imagination horrible? I personally do not want to live in a not thinking crowd company, for which other people think for. Thinking and education combined with knowledge is freedom.

Connected to novel Brave New World, this dystopian fantasy already exists. Mustafa Mond is comparable to Adolf Hitler VI and the crowd does not even know their own history, so they do not have any access to educating material. The only Media that exists is Television, where Sport is running up and down.
The only thing that the novel admits to the human being is, that no human being on earth, could ever reign over a whole world. So there are 10 Worldcontroller that lead the planet.

Comment: Hai, Nick;). I do like your text a lot, first of all the provoking headline. While reading, I can easily compare it to our current democracy, because somehow this is the delegation of our time. This is what makes politics so difficult ("because when it goes wrong, we can not be blamed and instead we can join the crowd of "blamers".)". The stlye of your text is nice, I did not have difficulties in following your thoughts, thanks to your good strucure. (Fabian)

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