Opinion Steffi 02 04 2010

In my opinion, “Brave New World” is not only a novel that students should read in class in order to discuss the perfect Utopia. At first glance, it is a really interesting novel about a totally different world, but whenever you go on reading, you will automatically start comparing the Brave New World with our world nowadays. I’ll take it for granted that you will find lots of aspects that Huxley mentioned to become true in a couple hundred years, that already became true today. Those aspects make the plot believable and even if we are far from being cloned, there is lots of other stuff what turns the story into a realistic one. Some very repulsive characters create a special atmosphere that makes you wonder and understand at the same time. Especially towards the end, the story will get you think and reflect about your own lifestyle and how easily it might turn into an utopian one. Do not get discouraged by the first five chapters, those will be a little hard to read, but afterwards it will get a lot easier. Honestly, the story does have its lengths that make it a little boring, but you have to consider that it is already more than 70 years old. So that some parts could be a little more exciting, but other than that, the novel is recommendable to those who love to read scientific and utopian literature. In addition to that, those of you who like to think about the future outcome of our world, will like Brave New World a lot. Others who just want to read a good book and do not really care about the deep going content of the story, should better not start on this one.

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