my TV - my hobby!?!

Media has an extreme importance in the „Brave New World” as described by Aldous Huxley.
The system is a whole technotopia, everything is peppered with technology, for example the “Feelies” and the “dressing room”. Especially the aspect of the TV has an extreme importance in case of the medically assisted suicide. If one human being is going to die, he is borrowed with soma all the time and the television is working till his final death. “Television was left on, a running tap, from morning till night” (p. 171/ll. 11).

Looking on today's situations Media, notedly the TV become a big empire in our society.
Every month you can see a new television type at the market which the industries try to sell at the small and stupid citizens, who only need satisfaction in case of entertainment.
Moreover today, each member of a family is in a possession of a TV. Plus, the consumption has also raised within the last 4 years. Nowadays, spending the whole evening in front of the television is a normal thing to do, in our society. Children do not spend their free time with reading or playing any more, getting amusements out of the loud box is THE satisfaction they need and they are used to.
The Media industries even create the possibility of going into the internet with the television.

In future this mass medium will get the whole power and everything will be controlled by the media industries. No one is interested in going out with friends or to school/ work any longer.
THE only important thing will be getting personal entertainment by watching TV the whole time.
Thus, these circumstances cause the situation, that there will be no existence of communication in our world anymore, everyone is only concentrated at his display. Beyond that, the leaders of this media empire will have the power to condition the people by showing them the things they want to reach through the TV. Without communication the whole society will be broken down after some time.

Furthermore there will be no culture any more and the people will become fat and ugly, because of spending the whole day in front of the television. They will only eat and eat without doing any sport activities. Without sport and communication the people will get sick: on the one hand in case of their outer appearance and on the other hand in case of their psychic behavior. So there will be a rise of new diseases. Moreover, a sexual reproduction is not possible any more.

The end the humanity will become extinct.


Hey, i really like your text. You give a good connection to the novel when you explain the role of TV when people die in the brave new world and you emphazise this fact with a quotation. I also like your idea of an extrem distopia activated by the television which ends with the extinction of the humanity. You part your text into suggestive sections and i also like the titel. (Jana)

Hi Alena, I can only agree to Jana's words. Your text begins with a good connection to the novel so you have a nice introduction and you explain well the relevance of television in our everyday life. Your idea of TV in the future sounds crazy and scary but in the same time it's very realistic which means that I can really imagine that in the future, people will sit more and more in front of their TV's and forget about friends and the "real society". (Noreen)

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