Lenina Crowne

Woman who tries to persuade Bernard to take her to the savage reservation; always seems to be unzipping her clothes. (Jannis Gerner)

  • 19 years old (p.34)
  • going out with Henry Foster for about 4 months -> did not have any other man at the same time(p.37)
  • very pneumatic -> men love that about her (p.40)
  • is getting bored by only havin' Henry -> that's why she wants to 'try' Bernard Marx (p.41)
  • thinks Bernard is rather sweet since he is shorter than the usual -> wants to pet him like a cat (p.42)
  • does not believe stuff people talk about -> putting alcohol in Bernard's blood-surrogate (p.43)
  • likes to dress herself in a special and really nice way -> even for Golf (p.45)
  • spends a night with a lot of different men -> really popular girl (p.50)
  • does not feel embarrased while talking to Bernard in public -> does not get why he is so upset about her behaviour (p.51)
  • voices a lot of prejudices of her caste -> khaki is pretty ugly, glad she is not a gamma … (p.54)
  • thinks that it is not right, that Alphas and Betas make the same amount of plants, as Gammas and Deltas -> Crematorium (p.63)
  • likes to repeat the phrases she got tought while sleep-teaching -> everybody is happy and belongs to everyone else (p.64)
  • not sterilized -> needs to take precautions before going to bed with a man (p.67)
  • likes to take soma -> makes her feel better and 'easier' to have fun (p.66f) (Steffi)
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