if drugs ruled our society:

a dystopian essay on the development of addiction

The Brave New World has various pillars on which the system is standing upon. One of these is the drug that all the people in there have to take, the so called soma. Whenever someone needs to get distracted from his fears or his confusion he takes the drug, “you do look glum! What you need is a gramme of soma” (p.52, l.31). Soma also stands for keeping the stable system that they have in the Brave New World. They can control every single person in every caste with it.

As one takes a look upon the world today, one can easy recognize that drugs have now a more important role than they ever had in former times. They are not only sold in the poor areas of our world, but also in the big cities. While drugs were used to get distracted from poverty and desperation in the poor areas (e.g.: slums in south america), they have now also the function of taking the people into a certain mood. You can get them at a hidden corner of your city, at divers parties, etc. If you know where to get them, you can get them. Whenever and wherever you want. One thing that luckily also came with the intensity of drug-consume, is the attempt of getting in the way of this. There are various campaigns that try to make the people think of what is right (e.g.: Keine Macht den Drogen, etc.).

Today drugs influence the adolescent life more than they ever did and if one is not obviously against taking them, one can easily get into the stream of a drug-addicted life.

The consumption of drugs has developed into a huge dimension. Being “sober” is a rare condition, if you are, you better do not say so, because otherwise you will earn wry looks from your friends. The philosophy of the world can be summed up in one sentence: you can never get enough! The world has really changed into a place, where a wild, extroverted and exaggerated life-style is normal. Drugs build up the base of the world's pillars, which are: Consumption, Individuality, Fun, Distraction and Total loss of control. When you get up to start your day, the first step is to take your early dose of cocaine. There are a very few people who still have a working place. The people became so amused of the consumption of drugs that they cannot concentrate anymore, neither do they have the motivation to reach something in their own lives. The schools are gotten into a “drugs-dealing” place. There are only a couple of teachers left and even they do not really teach their students something, since there are no real guidelines of teaching anymore. The environment has also suffered under the wild lifestyle of most of the citizens. The beautiful places of our former world are destroyed because of air pollution.

Drugs have an immense power in the new world: they can manipulate the people in a very intense way, some are able to delete bad memories of the past, if you take these.

A funny aspect of this world is: though most of the people lost their ability to concentrate on something, they still work on pushing this lifestyle further and further, though they know that this lifestyle only leads to death, the average mortality rate goes by 50 years or so. One example of the these tries to push this lifestyle is: every month there is a contest where young and aspiring adolescent people present new designer drugs that could move this lifestyle into other, wilder directions.

As one can easy imagine, the people who are concerned to this lifestyle, lose their ability to make decisions at about the age of 25. Furthermore, they suffer through their lives until they die.

(Andreas Peters)


I think you did a really great job on your essay about the "dystopian drug world", especially your conclusion in the end was great, describing the people's aim to push their lifestyle further and also that they lose a lot of abilities at 25. That's really interesting! ;) Other than that, I liked that you 'compared' your dystopian world with the BNW whenever you wrote that this world is also based on some pillars.
One thing to improve would only be in the beginning, whenever you describe the drug use in the BNW, you could explain why they "control every single person in every caste with it". That would make it easier to understand, but other than that the essay was brilliant. Good job on that one! ;) (Steffi)

I like your text, and especially the future part! You had a lot of good ideas. Maybe you could improve your first part a bit, where you describe the drug comsuption in the BNW. What i like most is that you transfered the idea of the world pillars "community stability identity" from the novel to your own text, and invented your own world pillars for the future world.
All in all a well structured and good written text! (anni)

You wrote a good, detailed text. Maybe the comparison to BNW was a little bit too short, but that doesn't matter. As Anni, I like the part where you picked up the idea of the pillars and the base that we have discussed at school and that you described how they might change in the future (drugs become the base etc.). (Marie)

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