Huxley S Style Of Writing

Task: Pick a chapter and write a text about Huxley's style of writing and the point of view and perspective he uses in his novel.

In his novel “Brave new world” by Aldous Huxley, published in 1932, the author`s point of view is the third person. Huxley chooses an omniscient, all-knowing narrator to explain his vision of a future world state, so the audience has the possibility to get an impression of all the different characters Huxley creates. You are able to be with different characters at different places, at the beginning with the director in the Conditioning and Hatchery Centre or in the end with John in the lighthouse. This has the effect that you get a really good impression of this strange world. Because there are so many personalities you can see it from different views and the omniscient narrator tells you what is going on with the characters and their mind´s.

In chapter three this style comes into an extreme. We are first with the Director and his students in the Conditioning Centre. Then with Henry Foster and Bernard Marx in the elevator, suddenly Mustapha Mond, one of the ten world controllers appears, we are with Lenina and Fanny Crowne in a changing cubicle and listen to Henry Foster`s conversation with another young man. So the narrater switches back and forth between sections with the different situations and conversations, he really intertwines them. This seems to be a bit chaotic and confusing, but is an effective technique of Huxley to explain the values of his imaginary future society. In the end of chapter three the sections become shorter and end in a babble of unidentified voices which represents the very strange sight of this brave new world.

Other stylistic devices Huxley uses to make the reader feeling closer to the characters and the story are the direct speech (for example the dialogue of John the Savage and Mustapha Mond which fills nearly a whole chapter) and also the fact that he chooses the present simple.

Aldous Huxley is not an author who writes only for amusement. He wants the people to reconsider their way of life and maybe tries to alarm our community with his novel. Every action in his novel should have a special effect on the audience. An example for his expressive style of writing is the fact that Huxley even chooses names which should enunciate something and which we can connect with our world, for example Bernard Marx, who stands for Karl Marx, the father of the ideas of Communism or Lenina, similar as Lenin, the man who led the Russian Revolution.

Also very special is the practice of Shakespeare´s lines. They pervade through the whole novel. These quotations are mostly used by John the Savage and are purposely put there by the author to underline John´s attitude of life, for example his wishes for having a real, fulfilled love. Shakespeare stands for aspects of life that are completely deleted in the Brave new world like love, dramatic, poetry or sorrow.


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