to be done for

  • Thursday, 10.12.: Pick one of the tasks for chapter three

(see 'our pages' and in there 'chapter tasks') and write a
text about it. Also list 10 new words that you think
are necessary to learn.

  • Monday, 14.12: Read chapters 4 and 5, copy a paragraph that interests you a lot and write your comment (no less than 250 words)
  • Tuesday, 15.12: Bring the last two homeworks that we didn't talk about yet (one task of chapter 3 and one paragraph of chapter 4/5 plus your comment). Also everybody should add some info, quotations and comments about the characters of the novel (see 'our pages' and in there 'characters') and add your name at the end of your contribution. If the characters you think are relevant, do not have a page of their own yet, create one.
  • Thursday, 17.12: Thoroughly read the chapter that was assigned to you in today's class. Develop some questions for a class quiz that your group will put together on Thursday.
  • Thursday, 14.01.:

There are several topics of interest that everybody in class agreed upon:
- Characters of the novel: John, Bernard and Helmholtz
- The function of castes in BNW in comparison with the
Hindu concept of castes (including the 'Cyprus experiment')
- Life in three different worlds (reservation, World State and our
- 'Being excluded from the community' as a motif in BNW and
- The concept of 'sexuality' in BNW

For all groups:
Arrange your material and work out a vivid presentation that
helps your classmates to understand the main ideas of your
Your presentation should include

  • text references to the novel
  • background information
  • your own ideas, additions, observations, comments

Please look up 20 new words in connection with your topic and integrate them into your vocab.

After Thursday your work should be added to our wiki so that everybody has access to detailed information. Also post your 20 new words there.

Thursday 21.1.:
Both following tasks need at least 300 words plus 4 quotations from the novel:
- Imagine you are a regular member of the World State (you can think, but you are not doubting the system): List up the main ideas and components that make the World State the perfect place to live in. (For those of you who sit at the window side)
- Imagine you are one of the ten World Rulers: List up the main ideas and components that you had in mind when you founded the perfect state (this is something that you would not tell publicly!!!). (For those of you who sit next to the wall)

Monday, 25.1.:
Which aspects of the World State can you see as a foreshadowing of phenomena we experience in our world today?
Write a complete text, please.

Thursday, 28.01.:
Please write a second version of your homework for today, this time emphasizing and improving the structure of your text.
It should contain the following three elements:

  • The corresponding reference of your topic in the novel
  • the reference to our society now
  • and the development into an extreme (either dystopia or utopia) in the future.

And while you are rewriting your first version also try to improve expressions, syntax etc. The final product should be a text that you are really proud of! In the end all of you should post this homework on the wiki until Wednesday night 9 o'clock, since these texts will probably be interesting extensions and additional thoughts that all of us should be able to read. Steffi will open a new link under "our pages".
P.S.: You are welcome to write a fictional text, if you feel like it!

Tuesday, 02.02.:
Write your mock exam at home and bring it to class (separate sheets of paper, blank lines!). If you have some spare time in between: until February 8th your plot summaries (plus topics for analysis) have to be finished.

Thursday, 04.02.:
Read chapter 17 and 18 again, so that we can discuss the end of the novel.

Monday, 08.02.:
After having read and talked about Brave New World write a review. The last paragraph (at least 50 words) should be especially addressed to other students of English, who are going to read the novel in class. Post this one last paragraph on a special page that Fabian will open on the wiki. Of course you can also post your complete text, if you feel like it.
Also: On Monday bring all the texts to class that you have written about the novel.

Tuesday, 16.02.:
Write an essay about one aspect that you considered as crucial in your group discussion. Make sure you collect all new words in a wordweb. The essay should be about 400 words long.

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