George Bernhard Shaw

Born: 26 July 1856(1856-07-26)
Dublin, Ireland
Died: 2 November 1950 (aged 94)
Hertfordshire, UK
Occupation: Playwright, critic, political activist
Nationality: Irish
Genres: Satire, black comedy
Literary movement: Reformist socialist
Notable award(s): Nobel Prize in Literature
1925 ;Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay
1938 Pygmalion

Important for us is the link between Shaw and Bernard Marx from Brave New World : George Bernard Shaw was a playwright living in London at the time Huxley wrote Brave New World. Shaw was a socialist and advocated equal political rights for women – this fits nicely when we think about Bernard's disgust with Lenina being treated as a sexual object. Karl Marx is the famous "father of Communism" – he believed the mistreated lower classes would rise up and throw off the joke placed on them by the upper classes. It's funny that Bernard is himself an Alpha who ultimately prefers the superficial luxury of high society to dealing with any real problems, social or otherwise.

In an article in the 4 May 1935 issue of the Illustrated London News, G. K. Chesterton explained that Huxley was revolting against the 'Age of Utopias'—a time, mostly before the First World War, inspired by what H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw were writing about socialism and a World State.

  • Important for George Bernhard Shaw was the role of the authors sex in literatur.Concerning this matter Shaw had a correspondence with famous Ethel Smyth over years.
  • Shaw was an active member of the intellectual-socialistic Fabian Society. they worked for a development in the world on principles of evolution and not relolution, so non violant.There he met his future wife Charlotte Payne-Townshend, who he married.
  • Shaw also was one of the founding members of the british Labourparty and the London School of Economics and political Science. They still remember of that with the so called Shaw-Library.
  • With the start of the 1. Worldwar, Shaw requested Gemany and The british Empire to get in conversation and stop the war and at the same time claimed them for blind patriotism.
  • Shaw, part of the Intellectual Theater, established a new form of drama, the "Discussiondrama". In this each hero stand for an ideology and most important is the dicussion not the actual action of the protagonists.
  • Shaw also disliked the english orthography so he donated a huge amount of money to Ronald Kingsley Read who worked on the estabishment of a whole new orthography system. Because of that the new invention was called the Shavanian Alphabet.
  • George Bernhard Shaw was in his times a famous man in literary circles wide over the borders of the british islands. The only prestigesymbol of this success was his black Rolls-Roys which he had until the day of his death.
  • Shaw is the only person, which ever got an Academy Award and the Nobel Prize

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