Genetic Engineering By Andi K 01 27 2010

Huxley didn't use the phrase but he describes genetic engineering when he explains how the brave new world breeds prescribed numbers of humans artificially for specified qualities. So in the novel it is possible to clone people and even manipulate the DNA by decrement of the Oxygen supply so that you can decide which proportions and intelligence certain people shall have ( if you are an world controller or working in the center for that progress). It’s arranged that there are only five main groups of people so that it is easier to control them.

Today genetic engineering is still in progress: We are able to modify our food so that we have vegetables and fruits in all seasons and they are always as big as possible. Some people don’t like genetic engineering, because they think it’s unhealthy when they eat engineered food or just because they have some moral reasons to avoid that kind of food. But our Society becomes more dependent on genetic engineering every day. It just makes life easier and more comfortable and in my opinion the advantages of genetic engineering prevails the disadvantages. We managed it to clone a human, but it is still a prototype and the people are still researching more ways to engineer the human.

I think it will come the time when we are able to engineer the human body so that we get stronger, more intelligent, healthier and live longer. It will help us to look like the way we want and become satisfied with our body. The progress of genetic engineering is important to get an utopian life and that we can use it with no side effects. The result will be a beautiful life and almost no worries, because there will be no diseases caused by genetic immunity against bad germs. In the future we should be able to modify a human before his birth so that he can get the best conditions which the nature is able to give. Wounds will be healed in seconds with cell-renewals and lost parts of the body can be replaced by artificial arms and legs so that we will become some kind of cyborgs. Of course it will be definitely be possible to extend certain body parts…
The time of body perfection will come soon ;)

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