Forecasts For Our World - What Will Our Future Look Like?

Please add your latest homeworks in here and don't forget to give your name, the topic and the date!

The task was to create a text (also fictional) that describes one special aspect in the novel, in our world and that is finally taken to the extreme (meaning a prediction to our future).
Some of the topics were:
- hipocritical politicians
- genetic engineering
- drugs
- fashion & beauty (physical appereance)
- technology
- responsibility
- asexual reproduction
- missing love

So go ahead an post your texts in here!

drugs by Steffi 01_25_2010

if-drugs-ruled-our-society 01/27/10 (andreas peters)

my-tv-my-hobby 01/27/10 (alena myschkin)

genetic engineering by Andi K. 01_27_2010 (Andi Kirchgässner)

asexual reproduction 01 27 10 (Fabian Jacob)

a world ruled by drugs (ann-cathrin)

a "beauty"ful life by Alina 27.01.10

sport as religion (ficitive world) Jannis Gerner

commercials and hypnopaedia by Selina Strunk

responsibility by Nick 01_27_2010

drugs by Marie

TV and conditioning by Jana

Genetic Engineering (Jonas Claßen 28.01.2010)

Beauty (Janneke)

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