Fanny Crowne

Fanny Crowne - Lenina Crowne’s friend (they have the same last name because only about ten thousand last names are in use in the World State). Fanny’s role is mainly to voice the conventional values of her caste and society. Specifically, she warns Lenina that she should have more men in her life because it looks bad to concentrate on one man for too long. (Selina)

At the advice of Dr.Wells she wants to have a Pregnancy Substitute (p. 35). Considering Dr. Wells advice, the substitution will make all the difference to her health for the next three/four years (p.36).
Moreover while Fanny is talking with Lenina about the condition that Lenina has been seeing only Henry Foster for four months and no other one, she is really upset and worried about this. This shows that she is also assured of the ideology of the D.H.C. Assured of the norm to have more sexual partners and not to begin an intense or long-term relationship with someone (p.37).
(alena myschkin)

  • works in the bottling room (p.33)
  • thinks a girl like Lenina has to go out with a lot of different men and should not only stay with one, since she is only 19 (p.34f) (Steffi)
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