Our world - a somalicious place to live in?

Aldous Huxley describes his Brave New World as a world in which drugs are existential. What makes this fact so interesting is that Huxley only chose one single drug to be the most important stuff in all people’s lives, the so called 'soma'. In the Brave New World, soma is anything but illegal. Everybody takes soma at least once a day, even the world controllers do. This special drug keeps people calm and happy. If a person feels the slightest kind of feeling evolving in his mind, he immediately takes soma to calm down and put himself on a few hours or even a one-day-vacation. Soma does not only make people happy, it also gives them a break from their daily routine. That is why people do not need weekends or days off, the only thing they need is soma. This fact is shown whenever John starts throwing out all the soma that the Deltas were supposed to get after their hard day of work. The Deltas start yelling and “with a redoubled fury”(p.184,l.27) they move towards John and feel the urge to hurt him. Only the police can stop the crowd from killing John by using soma vapour and music. After the vapour had produced their affect, the Deltas are kissing and hugging each other in peace (p.186).
In Brave New World, the whole system of the World State is based on happiness and since soma makes people feel great, it is the only necessary distribution for the state to supply.

In our world, drugs are one of the most common illegal stuff existing.
A couple of years ago, people would have taken drugs to escape reality. Most of those people were poor, unhappy or just not accepted in society. They wanted a better life and saw drugs as an easy way to escape truth for a moment or two, but their problems always came back, no matter what happened. That is why people went from low drugs to the harder stuff and eventually died of an overdose.
However, these days people do not only take drugs as a way to flee from their own lives, they also take that stuff to join a certain kind of gang or group. In almost every big city, especially young people take drugs to create a feeling of unity within their group of friends. They only feel accepted whenever they are high on drugs.

So what might happen if the use of drugs gets even higher with every year that passes by?
Someday people won’t be able to live without taking drugs. It will become normal to go to work or just go out being high. Nobody would notice anymore. There will be people that take less drugs than others and those will turn into total outsiders, what makes them feel depressive. In addition to that, the harder drugs will turn into low drugs, since people will be so addicted that they need more and more. A pill of ecstasy a day won’t be enough anymore, so that people will either take the double amount of pills, or new drugs will be invented. Those new designer drugs will be even harder and harmful than we could ever imagine. All those new drugs will create more problems for the people, like new diseases, and the death rate will rise infinitely. Not being high is not an option, so that people will walk or run in front of vehicles without noticing anything. Life will become way more dangerous and some people won’t even leave their houses.
Everybody will turn into a junkie and that day when all drugs will be gone, the whole world will turn into a total depression. All people will be frustrated and desperately asking for anything that has the same effect as a drug. Even the hospitals and special clinics won’t be able to help enough people out of their state. In this situation, they would take anything, even if it will kill them. People just stop caring about stuff like that.
This day will be the day where the world comes to an end. People will become criminals and kill each other to get the last grammes that exist: Hardly anyone will survive.

Dear Steffi, you won't believe it, but I like your text and I think it's very well-done (;
You have a nice introduction which is connected to the novel and also your general description about drugs in our world and the meaning of drugs in the course of time is explained very well. Even if your idea of drugs in the future sounds very crazy and would mean the end of mankind, it's imaginable and that's really frightening. (Noreen)

As Noreen already said, your text is very well done;)
I really like how detailed your last part is written. For example the description of the hospitals which aren't able to help anymore.
So, very good ideas! (Anni)

Dear Steffi, i liked your text and i think you did a good job on it. Your text is well-structured, you introduced the reader into the topic and you also linked your topic to the novel. Well done! :) Though your imagination with the end of mankind seems to be a bit pessimistic, i liked the detailed, precise way you described this development.
Fine! :) (Andy P.)

I totally agree with Noreen, Anni and Andy! Your text is, as I expected, great. I like the way you described how the behaviour of the people in connection with drugs already changed and so your dystopia doesn't sound too unrealistic to me. Well done! (Marie)

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