Drugs By Marie

Can you bring me some cocaine from the filling station, please?

In the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, members of the World State take soma. It creates happiness, produces euphoria with no side effects and so all the bad things that are happening, disappear from one’s mind. In the World State, people can not imagine a life without it, because it solves all problems ("You do look glum! What you need is a gramme of soma."). Nice stuff, right?
This phenomenon is popular today, too. A lot of people take drugs like ecstasy, cocaine etc. regularly to have more fun and to get over the day and this ends up in addiction. One can say that members of the World State are already addicted to soma, too. Taking soma is as normal as eating and drinking. This dimension of addiction gets clear when you see how awful it is for Linda to have no soma in the reservation, she switches to alcohol, which has nearly the same function for her.
At the moment drugs are illegal, but what if they are not forbidden anymore?

…8 years later…
Today, drugs are legal for five years and to honor the day, the scientist John Spice brings his new side effect free drug, which is called “SOMAGIC” to the market. Everybody waited for this special day, because from this day forward no one will have hallucinations, hangovers etc. anymore. This new drug passed all tests successfully. And the best: A pack of 20 only costs 5 dollars! So everybody can afford it. This is the easiest way to cope with today’s obstacles and challenges, no one will be sad or depressed anymore. One can have every time of the day replenishments, because John Spice produced enough for the next 20 years and one also gets every drug at the filling station, that has opened 24 hours a day. Great!

…some more years later…
Nearly everyone is addicted to Somagic! The ones who did not take other drugs before because of the high costs or the ones who were afraid of the side effects take the drug Somagic now. One can not speak of a normal life anymore, because everything depends on the current inebriation. If someone took a dose of Somagic that was to small, one becomes depressed and breaks down. The hospitals are already overcrowded, because being in a queue for buying Somagic might be too long to bear the sober condition. The state already thinks about destroying all drugs and stop producing more of it, but then everybody has to make a detoxification and this is not possible and too expensive. The worst case scenario has become reality…


I liked your text a lot. It was really interesting to read and you mentioned a lot of different aspects than I didn't, that were great.
Especially, I thought the reference to Linda not being able to take soma in the reservation was great. That fits perfectly to the topic, the only thing you could have done is that you might just explain why alcohol is different for Linda (using soma does not give you a headache the next morning… ;) ). However, that's just a small tip, everything else was well done. Just one vocab thing: "from this day forward…" does not really sound gramatically right, so you could maybe just change that, but other than that, I liked it! Well done :) !!! (Steffi)

Good work, marie ;). I really like your text and especially the idea of the new drug "Somagic" (nice pun ;) ).
Furthermore i think the seperation of the part "8 years later" and the part "some more years later" is a nice idea, because it shows how the drug ruled world developed slowly. (Anni)

Dear Marie, you wrote a really nice text! :) What i liked most about it, that you brought it to the point what you wanted to say. You used very precise expressions and you mainly concentrated on your content, which is good. I liked your ideas! :) (Andy P.)

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