Commercials And Hypnopaedia

In the novel 'brave new world' by Aldous Huxley plays hypnopaedia a major role. Already little children are influenced by hypnopaedic phrases. These phrases involve the castes, aims and social attitudes.
In this way the ten world chiefs are creating their caste system and the characters they want and need for a smoothly functioning society and a 'perfect world'.

These days (are the) people are influenced by various aspects.
For example by television and commercials. According to statistics (watches) every human being watches about three hours of television a day. This action is very obvious if one takes a look at children; if these little children see a commercial of a big brand or toys, they conductively want to own these products. So these advertisements are already very influential.

The commercials could become an extremum in the future. The huge affiliated groups and big chiefs might use the hypnopeadia lessons and also the propaganda of the 'brave new world' to manipulate the people's consumerism and behaviour. With these aspects they can sell the most futile and disgusting things and products. Also useless stuff can become useful with this approach.
The contents might, or better will, become ways cheaper and will burn the candle at both ends. This progress is only advantageous for the elite, which does not care about the others anymore. So business is and will become more and more manipulative.

(Who wrote this text anyway??? - M.Rey)

I think you wrote a good, short and informative text. But looking at the first part of your text, it would be better to underline your statement with a qoutation from the book.
Moreover at the second part of your text, I have found some mistakes which I put into brackets. The idea with this hypnopedia thing is a really good beginning, but i would write e.g in the future part , that this hypnopaedian media TV makes people sick/ ill because of staring the whole time only at this box. Besides this brain washing includes also the aspect that there cannot excist communication or culture anymore. Everyone is only concentrated on watching TV by getting conditioning all the time. ( alena)

Hey i think alena gave a good comment ;-). It is a nice text but it would be better to use a quotation from the novel to underline what you said. I like your idea that commercial could become an extremum in the future, maybe you could write a little bit more about it because it is a very short part. (Jana)

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