Chapter 17

Chapter 17

In chapter 17 John has a conversation with Mustafa Mond about religion and the need of religion in a world.
Mustafa Mond explains that he also believes in God and that he has read the forbidden religious books, but also makes clear why there is no need of God in the brave new world. He thinks that in a world where every human being is conditioned to be happy God isn't necessary anymore. John asks if it is not natural to believe in God when you feel lonely and think about death, but Mond replies that people in the brave new world are conditioned to hate loneliness and always live in a community.
However John insits on the idea that God is the reason for everything noble and fine and heroic as he has learned it in the reservation. But Mustafa Mond replies that there is no need of heroism and nobility if you live in a society without war and explains that soma is "Christianity without tears".
All in all John states that a human society can't exist without experiences, problems, suffer and so on, and that he demands on the right to be unhappy.

Topics for a analysis

- the need of religion in a society
- " the right to be unhappy "
- the price Mustafa Mond had to pay to become a world leader


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