Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 starts with a conversation between John and Mond,but Bernard and Helmholtz are there, too.
Mond quotes something from Shakespear’s “The Tempest” which is a forbidden text, because of some topics that are explanes in it.
John asks why not all citizens been created as Alphas, and Mond answers that it would not work because they have to be happy with the funcitons of an Alpha.
Mond points to an experiment where an island was populated only with Alphas and the result was happy with the distribution of tasks.
Furthermore Mond says that even technology has to be kept under rigorous controls for the happy and stable society to be possible.
When citizens are happy they do their work in a better way.
Mond does not explain anything about science because the surch for truth conflicts with happiness.
At the end Mond maifests that Helmholtz and Bernard will be exiled.
Bernard tries to change Mond’s decision, but three men take him away to give him soma.
Mond explais that to be exiled is good because the islands would be full of the most interesting people in the world who did not fit in the community.
In a last step Mond presents Helmholtz that he is envie on him because Mond prefers the work in managing the happieness of others.
Helmoltz wants to be exiled to an island with bad climate because it might help him write; so he is exiled to the Folkland Islands.

Topics for analysis:

 conversation between Mond and John
 connection between Shakespeare and BNW
 happiness ≠ surch for truth


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