Chapter 11

The eleventh chapter deals with the new life that Bernard, John and Linda live. Huxley speaks about the fascination of the people because of John, who they find physically attractive but also very interesting because he is so different. Linda, is not sought after, since her physical age-induced ugliness is extremely disgusting to the highly conditioned masses. Linda lays in bed twenty-four hours a day, taking a lot of Soma to escape from reality.

Bernard is perfectly happy with his new life as friend of John in this chapter but soon, as Bernard tries to civilize John, he realizes that the savage won’t take the drug and is very unhappy about the condition of Linda. Obviously John hasn’t been conditioned like the others to understand death as something unimportant; also, he knows the effects of soma and doesn’t want to have them himself.

The rest of the chapter deals with the relationship of Lenina and the Savage. After watching the feelies together Lenina tries to go into bed with John, but he rejects because it does not fit to his moral system from the Reservation.


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