Chapter 10

Back in the World State, Bernard has a meeting with the Director and Henry Foster. When Bernard is too late, the Director talks bad about him (he has an unconventional behavior that isn't good for the stability, they don't need him in the World State etc.) and tells Henry Foster, that he wants to displace Bernard in front of high-caste workers.
Then Bernard enters the room. The Director admonishes him in front of all the people and banishes him to Iceland. After it, Bernard presents Linda and John. Linda accuses the Director of making her have a baby and is shocked when she noticed that he doesn't remember her. She terrifies the spectators and the Director, because she looks old and fat. He is also shocked, because John falls to his knees and says "My father!". The people burst out laughing and the Director runs out of the room holding his hands on his ears.

Topics for analysis:
- discussion between the Director and Henry Foster (why do they want to expose Bernard in front of all the people?)
- How does Bernard try to stay in the World State?
- behaviour of Linda and John


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