Capter 12

Bernard has arranged a party for the Arch-Comunity-Songster to meet the fascinating Savage, but John refususes Bernards attempt to appear to his celebration, swears to him in an Indian language and reads Shakespeare instead.
Also Lenina is present at this party precisely because she wants to meet John again. But as Bernard announces that the Savage would be absent 'her heart seemed to stop beating' and the dignities leave the room. At this point Bernard realizes, that there was and is no respect for his person and that everyone just wanted to meet the Savage. Causing this fact sinks Bernard back to his former melancholia.

In the next scene reads Mutapha Mond 'A New Theorie of Biologie' and classifys this text as not releasable because it includes dangerous topics and potentially subversive contents which can decondition the higher castes. However in the same time he describes this piece of science as a 'masterly piece of work'.

Also John and Helmholtz meet again and Bernard is jealous of their intimacy and wishes that he had never brought them together. So Bernard takes soma again to escape his feelings. As the Savage reads a part of Shakepeare's Romeo and Juliet (John visions himself as Romeo and Lenina as Juliet) laughs Helmholtz about an immense quantity of topics and describes Romeo as an 'old fellow' who 'makes our best propaganda'.
John is appalled and wounded by Helmholtz evidence and locks his book away.

Topics for analysis:
-the new relation between Bernard, Helmholtz and John
-Helmholtz' reaction to Shakespeare (Shakespeare's ideas of love and sex are clashing with Helmholtz conditioing)


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