In the Brave New World Beauty and Antiaging is just fulfilling the given standarts.
So it is made sure from the beginning on that specific intellect and beauty comes together for everyone.
The Alphas are tall and fullgrown, so the authority they have is becoming evident right away by just taking a quick look.
One could say that in the Brave New world Beauty or at least a handsome look comes with the class one is "born" into.
This is rather useful, because in the classes women and men are just attracted to those who share the same class and in consequence even the given class-specific look.
So Beauty is given to everyone and everyone is excepted and adored within the specific class. This causes Stability which is one of the measure goals the Brave New World is aiming for.
None of the Brave New World inhabitants would ever have to think of dieting, plastic surgery or depression caused by wrinkles , because they have their SOMA and do not age at all.
Something not 100% matching is that there still are prestige symbols as one gets to see when Lenina presents her new malthusian belt to her friend in the changing rooms who wants of course the same as well.

This is often seen in our world too.
Fashion and aiming for total perfection is dictated by the media and heaps of young people do not mind surgeries for getting a little closer to what is posh right now.
In contrast to the Brave New World people in our world are not just attracted to to people within their social class or intellectual horizon, but always aiming for something or better someone better.
This makes the system instable, because poorer people will never be abled to keep up with the rich, because fashion, which promises beauty, changes with each and every season.
People do of couse get older, the skin gets wrinkly and muscles just disappear. Because of this heaps of money is spend on products which promise to stop or at least slow sown the aging process.
This pressure does not exist in the Brave New World (an idea I really like) , because everyone is perfect for his role in life already and there is never the question of "Am I attractive enough" .
But somehow its even a shame because people do not appriciate their beauty and neverending youth at all. They do not even notice it, when there are no unattractive bodies and faces in comparison.

An extrem is of course when people overastimate their look or even mix up selfesteem with outer beauty.
Real beauty is for me when there is balance in all things and with balance I do not mean perfection , but a so called Golden Cut.
A sad example of misunderstood beauty is "Miss Barbie"


This woman living in California had more than 40 plastic surgeries and is still trying to "optimize" her look. The outcome of this is a horrible mask of huge pushed up lips, a way to pointy nose, a non-mimic -botox forehead and solarium burned skin.
This lady totally failed the "Golden Cut" and can just be called a slave of new modern beauty delusion.

Further on beauty really lays in the eye of the beholder in our world, which is a great chance, because what is beautyful for one, could just be shocking for another.
So individuality, which means personal freedom is such a high good that I would never give it up for perfect Clon-Beauty like there is in the Brave New World.


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