Asexual Reproduction

In the Brave New World gametes are hold in salted and viscous content to allow them a good development . Later on they are put drop by drop onto specially warmed slides of microscopes to check the cells for abnormalities that could occur. After that the eggs are immersed in a warm container with free swimming sperms at a minimum concentration of one hundred thousand per cubic.

Alphas and Betas remain in their incubators until they are decanted, but Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons undergo the “Bokanovski Process” in which one ova is divided into 8 to 96 similar eggs. These are influenced by hard x-rays or high concentrated alcohol solution to make them completely fit into their later job.

Wanting a baby means having sex with a person of the other sex. Sperm cells must be produced by dividing one standard cell with a doubled chromosome number into four single sperm cells with a half set of chromosome numbers each. The production of egg cells follows the same principle.
Sperm cells fertilize the egg cell and the genetic information of both partners is recombined to form the embryo, that contains 50% of DNA from both of them.

There is a theory that says that asexual reproduction is possible in case of human beings – theoretically.
It follows the same principle that a bacterium uses to reproduce itself. It completely creates a copy of itself in order to divide into two, without being fertilized.

Transporting this to the human sexual reproduction would mean that a fertilization that contains 50% of DNA from both partners could be avoided, if women are able to create egg cells that have 100% of their own chromosome number, instead of a half. The result would be an embryo that will be an exact mother-lookalike due to the fact that only female DNA formed the embryo.

The genetic engineer Dr. Sarah Crow found a medicament that is able to intervene the reproduction of egg cells in a way that allows the female human body the creation of egg cells that contain a complete chromosome number. The basis for a female world community was found.

After a lot of tests concerning the medicament named FWC, the current world population consists of 99% women in the year 2116. Men can only be found in zoos in order to remind the female world of the creature “man”.
It symbolizes the unrestrained, immoral and unaesthetic behaviour of sexuality, what led to the use of FWC to have virgin birth’s that are unaffected by this bad qualities.

Every typical male profession is now done be females. They have fire-women, garbage women, as well as female building workers, who build sky scrapers with heavy machines or women, who hold leading management positions.
Female doctors are still exploring the male nature to find out what caused their female ancestors to get involved in this behaviour to never fall back to this lack of restraint again.

The most important aspect of a life with FWC is that only selected women are allowed to have a so-called “old birth” in order to bear a male child to avoid the extinction of the type “male”. But unfortunately doctors explored that this is going to happen due to the fact that almost every woman decides to give a virgin birth to not be stained by an “old birth”.

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