A Beauty Ful Life By Alina 27 01 10

The importance of physical appearance – A “beauty”ful world (2030)

Report by Eleanor Beauty

My name is Eleanor Beauty and I’m a plastic surgeon. Or let me say – THE plastic surgeon on the East Coast. My clinic, the “Beauty – Boutique” is the most exclusive address for everyone who wants a piece of beauty. The rivalry is huge these days, there are 3 other clinics for plastics in the near area, but we are clearly top-notch!
I love beauty and everything that has to do with it. It basically is my life. I cannot imagine a life without implants, surgeries and Botox. It is so nice being surrounded by just beautiful people. I get sick when I see fat bodies and crooked noses and the self-esteems that come along with those mistakes. I mean, it doesn’t have to be like that. I don’t just give my clients a new look, basically I repair their core and heart. I make them feel better with nothing but some tiny cuts.
So it is perfectly understandable that I just hire people who are willing to let me operate on them, isn’t it? My employees have to look perfect to represent me. Otherwise I would loose my credibility. I mean, who wants to get a treatment in a place that is crowded with ugly people?
I remember 20 years ago, when I got my first lawsuit, because I fired a male model, who wouldn’t let me operate on him, because he felt insulted that I had suggested to correct his nose. I just thought someone had to tell him, that he just looked terrible with this thing stuck up on his face. Even back then I thought that everything had to be perfect. In a world like ours there is no space for mistakes, not is they can easily be corrected. I guess in those days people were too sensitive to hear it. They really tried to ignore the upcoming power and importance of beauty and even published magazines without models! There is no way someone would do that nowadays.
It makes me really angry when I hear all those people trying to sabotage our business. When a girl wants to have bigger breasts – let her! And so what if she is only 14? Actually that is the age to start correcting all the mistakes on face and body. Otherwise she could suffer severe psychic problems, when she feels unpretty.
I would like to remember all the plastic-surgery-opponents that our profession covers more than half of the jobs these days and brings a whole lot of money!
So, if you no longer want to be ugly and/or fat, feel free to join our community of perfect people!



A nice texts with a lot of specific and well chosen vocab. A point to critisize is that you do not have any references to the novel or our world so that is missing a little, but I love the idea of having someone from the "Extreme-Future" speak to us. (Janneke)

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