Welcome to your new Wikidot site

Dear all,
on this site all of us can create, add and edit new pages that we all have access to. In order to do so, I have added a link to a tutorial on youtube. Watch it and right after that you can create your own pages here and also communicate with other class members.
I plan to put tasks in here and since I would like to individualize your work, you can choose from a pool of tasks and post your homework on the wiki for everybody to see.
But this is only my part - in contrast to the usual emails that I send to you, this site is meant to be interactive!!!
All of us can and should add interesting info, questions, good texts, helping tools for everybody etc. - so feel invited to add (and change!) anything whenever you want.
We'll see, if this is a helpful and comfortable way of sharing info and thoughts…

Bye for now

Monika Rey

If you want to add a page, go to "our texts" in the top bar menu, click on edit and write the title of your page below the ones we already have. Then highlight it and make a page link. Don' t forget to SAVE. After that you will be asked to create the page you have just named… Follow the same procedure, if you want to add internet links (top bar menu "links").


online tutorial


additional bios

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